LuvTL Bariatric Journey

…………………………………..A journey to happiness and health


11357206_10155678987130367_7996360645434341349_o Hi, my name is Kassie.  I’m a 35 year old, Northern Ontario girl, who has started her journey into becoming healthier and happier version of herself.

I’ve been overweight since I was in grade one,   I’ve been bullied and beaten down by my peers, and made to feel like I was a sin and a disgrace to society.

When I was a teenager, my mental health started to deteriorate and I began to have panic attacks and episodes of depression.  My whole world was turned upside down.  Over the years I’ve had to struggle not only with obesity and mental health issues, but the stigma and stereotypes of both.

It took a long time for me to accept and love myself for who I am, to trust that I was worthy and beautiful, and to not let anyone else’s insecurities affect how I feel about who I am.

I’ve decided to go through Bariatric Surgery, because my weight has started to affect my health, my mind, and my daily life.  I’ve tried to lose weight, but the numbers keep going up and I feel that this is the only hope I have left.  I’m not making this decision lightly, and I hope that no one who has made this decision does either.

It’s not the easy way out, by any means.  It’s a life-altering issue.

I’m hoping that what I’ve learned in life – what I’ve learned about myself – can possibly help somebody else who’s struggling with the same things.  I’m hoping that if I share my Bariatric Journey, my failures and successes will help others navigate the journey easier.

And I’m also hoping that this blog will connect me with people who I can learn from as well. Ultimately, this whole thing, is about me becoming a better me.