A major misconception that I had about this process is the amount of help I would get from the medical staff.

I think I assumed that the time between referral and surgery would have a lot more involvement by my health team. In my head, I pictured that the staff would be walking me through the steps I would need to prepare for post surgery life. Yes, they did give me the booklet and gave me speeches on what it would be like, but I guess I figured more coaching would be involved.

I think I had this idea, that it would be kind of like those commercials you see on television for weight loss programs – where your “coach” sits down one on one and works to help you achieve a more healthy lifestyle. I thought the dietitian would sit down with me and we would prepare various meal plans, and then I would have ongoing sessions to try and get me where I need to be. But its not like that. It’s more like they tell you the goals you’re suppose to be at and expect you to get to them. They do answer questions, but I don’t know what questions I’m suppose to be asking.

I have a separate dietitian through my doctors office that is working with me. Even my sessions with her have been pretty basic. As someone who is clueless about meal preparation, I feel like I’m facing a pretty big exam here, and I haven’t any study notes. I’m trying to figure out what my first step should be. It’s all very overwhelming.

I have another dietitian appointment next week. I’m going to do some brainstorming before then to figure out exactly what I would like to ask of her for help. I’m going to continue to set goals for myself and work on achieving them. Hopefully, in the next couple of months, I can get more comfortable with the process.