If you’re a well-organized individual, keeping notes and documenting is something that comes as second nature, but if this isn’t your personality, then you may be tempted to rely on appointment cards and scribbling down directions on loose leafs of paper – but that’s a BAD IDEA!

It’s so important to keep track of contacts, dates, and important tasks during the pre- and post-op process.  If you’re likUntitled-1e me, you may be in the habit of writing something down and then forgetting about it.  I’ve missed a lot of medical appointments that way.  By not keeping track ofall information, you are setting yourself up for failure.

You can choose to keep track of your information by keeping an agenda, or you can look on an app store for a program that best suits your needs.  You may prefer to use an office program, such as Microsoft Excel, Access or Notebook so that you can customize it. Another option is to use your phone, tablet or computer’s calendar program, which usually has an appointment and task manager feature tied into it.

So, what are the kinds of things you would want to keep track of?

  • Insurance information – agent, contact info, coverage and requirements
  • Current medications and dosages, any changes in medication and dates of those changes
  • Appointment dates
  • Phone logs, which include date, time, contact and subject
  • Tasks, goals and due dates
  • Tests and results
  • Food and Fitness Records
  • Weight and measurement records
  • Sugar levels if diabetic
  • Names and contact information for your Health Care Team

Another thing you may want to keep is a daily journal.  This journey is said to be very stressful, overwhelming and emotional, and keeping a journal is said to be very therapeutic.

Finally, you should keep track of any and all questions you think of.  Don’t give yourself a chance to forget, because eventually you’ll want to know, and if you can’t find the answer to these questions through forums or research, you want to make sure you ask your health care team.


Bariatric Apps:

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